Joshua Tabakhoff

Student Indie Maker

Joshua Tabakhoff is an aspiring student indie maker who started programming at age of 8. Autodidact, he now wants to help other students maker like him and improve his other skills. He already appeared at an OpenPitch conference back in 2015 where he introduced a concept of sustainable headphone for everyone. Now 19, he lives in Paris as part of his studies at HETIC college. You can mainly find him on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn and GitHub working on many projects to meet thoughtful persons.

Picture of Joshua Tabakhoff

I'm currently dedicating my time building Footr, an app generating walk with monuments near you and pivoting to be the perfect stroll companion when lounging around! Before that I made Meja, a platform to share ideas and receive feedback. I've run countless projects since I started learning development (from desktop app to website including mobile app) to acquire more knowledge and meet new people.

I'm still running side-projects, such as ClearList. Beyond that, I love playing around with design and writing. Any topics making curious is good enough to spend time on, here's a sample list: crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, sharing, opensource, initiative, freedom, DiY, photography, traveling, music, art, communication, video... I'm writing a blog here, you can learn more about my projects and follow me on Twitter where I give more updates.