Joshua Tabakhoff

Joshua Tabakhoff

Autodidact, I started programming at age of 8, I'm expanding my skills in many different areas such as writing, designing, playing piano... I appeared at an OpenPitch conference back in 2015 where he introduced a concept of modular and sustainable headphone for everyone. Now 20, I live in Paris as part of my studies at HETIC college. You can find me on Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn and GitHub working on many projects to meet thoughtful people.

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My last main project to date was Footr, an app generating walk with monuments near you and pivoting to be the perfect stroll companion when lounging around. Before that I made Meja, a platform to share ideas and receive feedback. I've run countless projects since I started learning development (from desktop app to website including mobile app) to acquire more knowledge and meet new people.

Beyond that, I love playing around with design and writing. Any topics making curious is good enough to spend time on, here's a sample list: crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, sharing, opensource, initiative, freedom, DiY, photography, traveling, music, art, communication, video...
I'm writing a blog here, you can learn more about work and follow me on Twitter where I give more updates.

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My 8-year+ experience is my most valuable asset. Curious since I was born, my versatility can help you leverage your product. Through my different personal projects, I learned how to get organised and focused while keeping an absolute rigor. Through client requests, I learned to listen to customers and understand exactly what they want and need.

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