Land your perfect internship.

Project at a glance

Internland aim is to help student find an internship easier than it is currently by providing a place that gathers most of the offers available out there.

It acts like a job board at first, but plans to be a reference in the internship world by making it more enjoyable to apply.



Back in Spring 2020, everybody around me was looking for an internship. Most people were facing issues such as: "where should I go?", "what platform do you use?", "it's just another boring thing, all white non-creative websites to browser". Well, I understood that there were a space for a new tool that is not "just another job board business" but rather an aggregator, like a search engine for internships. This is how Internland was born.



I started working on this project back in Autumn 2020, when my internship ended and I was getting more time to focus on Internland.
The first thing was to look after generic job boards, list them and look for their API or a different way to list their job offers on my platform. I've listed around 10 competitors that could be indexed on Internland.

Before writing any code, it was important to create the data structure that would be universal so all code parts could interact with each other. Basically, it was just listing what I would need, with keeping the main problem Internland was trying to address. Then, I had to write scrappers (also called seekers on this project). This is what took me the most time, few months. 

The last thing was to make the website in itself. It was really fast to make, I needed help to design the whole thing and I got the perfect person in mind. I called my friend Constance Hochberg to design something, she made a quick moodboard and a color palette. At this time, what we wanted was just to release the product and get feedback.

Two weeks after, the website was up and running.


Tech Stack

* Next.js for coding the website

* Node.js / Puppeteer / for seekers

* Algolia for the search engine

* Vercel for hosting