The proofreading committee in the digital era

Project at a glance

Bookyco is the proofreading committee in the digital era, connecting authors and readers before the book enters the publishing state.



The book market faces many barriers to entry, notably by publishing houses that are inundated with manuscripts they cannot read, and prefer to rely on their network of authors or commission books on particular subjects because they identify a market demand.

The only two real innovations lie in the e-book market or in the use of influencers to sell a book that may be a cliché but is guaranteed to sell because of the author's fame. With COVID-19, many people have taken up writing and would like a chance to be published.



This project started as a project for my diploma as a Product Manager at OpenClassrooms, I got the chance to interview users to test hypotheses and learn from their feedback to build a product authors would use.


Tech Stack

* Webflow then Next.js

* Airtable, Typeform