Pitch your idea, get feedback. Know what to build.

Project at a glance

Meja was a platform to share ideas and receive feedback. It then pivoted into a Twitter bot before being totally stopped.

It was my first attempt at building something, MVP is opensource.



I always wanted to make a space for ideas, a place where everybody could just share their ideas, get fedback and maybe find someone to co-build their idea.
I was 17, and I started learning programming at age of 8. Back at this time, we were afraid about sharing product ideas: "Somebody is going to steal our idea and build it faster with more money" but after reading on Medium, we finally discovered that everybody is in the same situation and one idea leads to different products. Also, pitching to our family wasn’t a good reaction, they were always saying "Love the idea you should build this" or "Awesome!".

We had the idea few years later, back to the end of 2015, but didn't do nothing. Then we discovered a great product, doing quite the same thing. Sadly, it closed earlier this year and I got nothing to share my ideas and get constructive feedback so we decided to build a new product! We started a month ago with an MVP and in two weeks we built a new version of the platform.

Being able to find new team members or simply getting in touch with people like us, sharing their ideas, is one of the most important thing.



Meja MVP

First real version of the platform


Tech Stack

* Node.js for the API

* AngularJS for the website

* PHP for the MVP