Cost Zero, Recession and Global Lockdown

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This is the first time the uncertainty I’ve been feeling for a long time is becoming real. Society, life, environment, all never appeared that much unstable in scenarios my mind could ever imagine. And the most magical thing, if we can say it like this, is that all the world balance has been swept by basically one person, not even a group of wealthy people, hateful people or anything. Just one person who, by only one action, basically overturn the world we used to know. As Jeremy Rifkin said, time has come for the Third Industrial Revolution.

The Covid19 pandemic needed big actions: a global lockdown. Our generation wasn’t ready for that. Many people thought that being digital native would help to solve most of the isolation feeling issue. It’s not. Nobody was prepared, neither our grandparents who lived the war nor us. Neither the politics or the health services. Let me be clear: I’m not a doctor, a scientist or an economist. I’m only accountable for what I live, see, experience and how I feel. This paper won’t contain any numbers, statistics or remedies. Most of us are anxious, and this is a completely normal feeling. We just must not give up to our fear, anger or other bad thoughts.

I read a lot of tweets talking about taking our chance, flipping a coin and start a business because every other businesses are closing so it’s time to gain acceptance. Let me quote Justin Jackson:

“We’re learning how frail the economic system is. Millions of people are out of work. It turns out, all those small businesses provide jobs for a lot of people”.

How can someone who just lost their job and is now forced to stay home and think about all the negativity around, again and again, can just take their chance? Of course, there are two types of people: those who complain and those who act but both can behave like the other depending on the momentum. It’s not a time to blame or put people in stressful position.

There is no perfect way to act. You can, if you have the energy, find and reveal your secret power. Either by creating content, experimenting or following your gut and your dreams. But you can also rest, consume content: read, listen, watch, cook, work out, sleep. Just take care of yourself. The situation is already stressful, don’t let others put pressure on you. You’re not forced to follow some privileged advice from people preaching the good word.

As of me, here’s an update on what I’ve done so far during the confinement and what I plan to do next.

  • The first weeks were easy, we got lectures so I got no time to worry

  • next came holidays so I got an app idea that I prototyped in a week. I’m going to write about it soon. This allowed me to focus on something and not worry about what’s going on outside

  • now, I want to take a break from the digital world. I started cooking for the first time, you can follow my journey on Twitter (gif posted daily during the lockdown)

  • next, I think about working out a bit just to be tired at the end of the day. I also plan on singing and recording something (that will be anonymously posted on SoundCloud), don’t ask why, I don’t know.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you already know that I love the Cost Zero that is offered by tech, by learning, by experimenting and by meeting new people. Also, just before the lockdown, I bought a bit (less than an euro) of crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and invested in the stock market through Revolut. Here are my thoughts on this, and why I think nothing will change in a short-term period:

  • as of crypto, I think people will lose all their faith in the current economy so they’ll invest in crypto, but like the stock market, prices will heavily increase and then everybody will want to sell until the valuation reach 0. The main cryptocurrencies are not ready for a daily usage as the main currency. We need to wait for a stable coin.

  • as of stocks, it’s getting easier to invest so stock will get even more volatile as more and more people will buy and sell some. I think the stock market won’t change that much from what we know until the day, it will probably be faked from the inside to be maintained for a while.

My theory isn’t a truth, my theory doesn’t have an overview of the situation, or the required knowledge or even previous events. Help me get a clearer vision.

That’s it for my words, I needed them to be spread. Feel free to reach me on Twitter to debate on this.

Please stay safe, take care of you and your loved ones! ❤️