Snippet: thoughts on procrastination


This is a snippet from 2017 (Aug. 20) notes...

My first idea was to write about subscription model, because that's what I planned to work on today. However, what was on my mind isn't what happened…

Today I was working on a new app I started two weeks ago. I thought I would be starting to think about monetization. Not that the app is ready, it's the opposite actually, but earlier is better. To be honest, only database is ready, most of the app interaction are in my head, not in the code.

Anyhow. So I neither worked on monetization nor code because of procrastination and addiction. I told you that I rebooted my Twitter, remember? Few years ago I did what we call a digital-detox because I saw I became addict to my phone. Since I started a new Twitter account, this addiction came back. And it's by far the worst thing in the world: you think like you go there for two minutes and in the blink of an eye, here you are two hours later. The day is over, and evening routine is back.

Of course I did work, but I "entertained" more than I thought. Sure I have no deadline, but it still sucks. I'm still figuring out what to do, hope to find a solution. It's all in the head ✌️