Snippet: Thoughts on staying productive


This is a snippet from 2017 (Sep. 10) notes...

I'm thinking about how I should organize myself to get more things done. I already identified that, during holidays, I should work 2–3hrs and entertain the rest of the day. This way, I stay productive for a short time but it's way more than a bit during the whole day. When I have work to do aside, I already work for side-projects few hours a day so no need to change that.

Now that I identified that, I'm trying to learn how I should organize my tasks to get more things done. I already have a personal Trello board based on a yearly basis: I set my goals and improve/detail them while progressing.

Currently, I'm working on both a daily basis: I list tasks to do for the day. Honestly, this doesn't really work. I only do one or two tasks while I have 10 listed. That's why I'm thinking to move from a daily basis to a weekly basis: instead of listing tasks for the day (and repeating remaining ones for days), I'll make a list for the week.

This note is titled today's date. I'll probably change it to the week number, which is 35 now.