Snippet: the fall of native apps


This is a snippet from 2017 (Aug. 18) notes...

It's coming, sonner than expected

Everything started with the iPhone 16GB (or maybe the 8GB one?)

Remember… We are between the creation of media-queries/responsive and the freaking problem of phone storage limitation. Way before the by-default 32GB and now 64GB (yes, Apple should not be the reference), we were limited to very few apps on our device so the goal was to keep only what we would use daily. Since then, privacy joined the equation and authorizations too. Not only for privacy, I disinstalled Facebook from my phone. It was also taking so many space that I could not install anything else, isn't that frustrating? Yes and no. I don't go too often on Facebook so the webapp is perfect for my usage, quite fast actually. Not only because I built a web-app, I totally support this movement because:

  • It saves phone storage
  • It's still fast
  • It feels normal
  • It can run offline
  • The cost of development is minimized

However, the major problem is the limitation due to exposed API such as Notifications API. Another problem is that web-app keeps reloading when you quit it and go back few seconds after.

If you've been following my journey for a while, you know that Footr (prev. Walk) started as a PWA. While building the MVP, we faced the difficulties of inconsistenies across platforms (iOS/Android)...